Pets, horses, livestock and more. When you need to
trust a professional with your animal, call us.

We are a friendly independent practice dedicated to providing an excellent standard of care to all of our clients.

The practice was established in 1996 when two neighbouring practices decided to pool their resources and expertise to improve the service offered to clients in Driffield, Bridlington and the surrounding area

Since the practice was established we have evolved into a eight vet, two centre practice, offering a comprehensive 24 hour service to pets, farm animals and horses.

Our vets are supported by a dedicated and caring team of veterinary nurses, administration and reception staff.

Register your pet with us today and claim your voucher for £10 off your first visit, call in or click here to register online.

Driffield: 01377 252087

St John’s Place,
YO25 6QD

Bridlington: 01262 677269

35 Wellington Road,
YO15 2BA

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri - 8.30am-6.30pm
Sat - 9am-12pm
24hr Emergency Service